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We are a team of designers and editors dedicated to fostering an open dialogue on the subject of cannabis. We combine technology & content to create digital experiences that engage and educate. In collaboration with Government and industry, we will play a key role in publishing digital content that helps Canadians. Want to join our team?

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Current Openings

We are currently accepting applications from like-minded professionals to join our team. We have a variety of projects that require the following expertise.

  • News Curators (investigate, research, fact-find, annotate, share etc. the latest news & research)
  • Content Creation (photographers, journalists, writers, bloggers, reporters, videographers, designers, graphic artists, illustrators etc.)
  • Community Engagement (social commentators, community outreach/builders/influencers, industry outreach, guest blog posters)

To apply, click on button below and send an email with a link to your LinkedIn profile and your reasons why you would make a good fit.

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This is an incredible opportunity to gain experience in a new industry where Canada is positioned to be the world leader!CannaVerde Team